"History is a lie, that has been honed like a weapon by the people who have suppressed the truth."

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19th May - Tudor Queen Anne Boleyn is executed in 1523. Mughal Queen Mariam-uz-Zamani "Jodhaa Bai" dies after reigning for 43 years in 1623.

Francisca Edwiges Neves “Chiquinha” Gonzaga was a Brazilian composer, pianist and conductor. Born in 1847 from the marriage of a black woman and a wealthy white man, she was a very well educated lady with a strong appreciation for music. Married at the age of 16 to a navy officer, her husband forbid Chiquinha to pursue a musical career, leading her to leave him even after having three children and being disinherited by her father. She then proceeded to write music, specially little Carnival songs and become involved in social movements that fought for the end of slavery and in favour of the Republic.

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