"History is a lie, that has been honed like a weapon by the people who have suppressed the truth."

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This Week In History

19th May - Tudor Queen Anne Boleyn is executed in 1523. Mughal Queen Mariam-uz-Zamani "Jodhaa Bai" dies after reigning for 43 years in 1623.

Today In History: April 1st 1964, a series of events culminate in a coup d’état in Brazil. The then president João Goulart is accused of being a communist by the right-wing and is deposed with the help of military forces and USA support. The regime lasted until 1985 and still today the country deals with consequences, the most tragic being the disappearance, torture and death of several opponents to military dictatorship. It’s been created a national commission to try and unveil the truths behind the awful events of those dark years. Current Brazilian president, Dilma Roussef was herself a victim of torture and political persecution. 

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